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Endocrine clinic
FCRF’s endocrine clinic offers free follow up and treatment for test positive cases from the economically deprived sections of the public, Dr. Sudha Rathnaprabhu in charge of endocrine follow up clinic observed. 6 girls diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia showing virilisation undergo genitoplasty and FCRF gives free support mobilising surgery sponsorship, she further added.
Public healthcare program
FCRF initiates a public healthcare program for the long term health improvement of neonates. On December 18th, the I session of New Born Screening awareness campaign is conducted for the 13 city corporation PHCs. The effort is lauded by press and media.
Health Expo - 2010
Date: 14th to 16th May, 2010
Venue: Valluvar Kottam, Nungamabakkam, Chennai
Public response
(Inway Communications)
It is a real good effort to take care of the future generation, even before it comes to this earth. In today's so called fast and materialistic world people do not have proper awareness as what they should know and should not! Keep up your good effort: All the very best and good luck!

M. Subramaniam
(Madras City Properties)
It is very useful for all married couples and women planning to start pregnancy.

K. Satyanarayanan
(West Mambalam)
The explanation given by the staff is informative and useful. It will definitely reach the people so that the concerned people will take care of the child from the date of pregnancy and also at the time of birth. Of course it will be followed up by the support of the family members after the birth of the child so that they also will become a normal child and a good citizen of India for the growth of our nation.

S. Purushothaman
"Can I know the cause of Down's syndrome?" "What is the next step to pregnancy precaution?"
When we gave him the answers, he was happy and said "The information is very useful to me."
A grand three day Health expo was organized on 14th, 15th and 16th of May at Chennai. The Fetal Care Research Foundation in collaboration with Rotary Club of Madras Metro and the Down Syndrome Society of Tamil Nadu presented a "Birth Defects Awareness Programme". With special emphasis on prevention of neural tube defects and early diagnosis and supportive care for Down Syndrome.
The need for a holistic approach to a child born with Down Syndrome or other defects was highlighted. The collective responsibility of all the stakeholders was emphasized.
An audiovisual clip explaining simple facts about Preventive, supportive and curative care of birth defects captivated the minds of the public. In addition, there were Posters graphically representing the concepts of Birth defects prevention and cure. With the help of enthusiastic volunteers and doctors, several queries from the public were answered. The importance of Periconceptional Folic Acid and B12 in prevention of Neural tube defects was emphasized.
The Fetal Care Research Foundation extends its heartfelt thanks to the organizers for providing the space and the Rotary Club of Madras Metro which sponsored the stall and the audio visual material.
Towards community service
A medical camp for the non-teaching staff of Women's Christian College was organised in the college campus on 4th February 2010, by "Rotary Club of Madras Metro" and "Rotaract Club of Women's Christian College" along with Fetal Care Research Foundation. A team of dedicated doctors from Mediscan Systems who included a General physician and two Gynaecologists were present to look into the general health status of women with a special focus on gynaecological problems.The green ambience of the Women's Christian college and the active and enthusiastic participation of students combined with the dedication of the doctors from Mediscan and the coordination of Rotary Club made the event successful.

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