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What is a Birth Defect?
A birth defect, as defined by the March of Dimes is, "functional or structural, - that presents in infancy or later in life and is caused by events preceding birth, whether inherited or acquired". In India, due to epidemiological transition, a significant proportion of infant mortality could be due to birth defects that occur in fetal or neonatal period. Early detection of a developmental problem, right diagnosis and medical advice help the families resort to appropriate action and plan subsequent pregnancies.
It is understood that data on the magnitude of birth defects is essential to not only plan preventive strategies, but also create systems to provide supportive care for the affected individuals and families. This can be achieved only through a systemic birth defects surveillance program..
BDRI currently covers all the states of India. Now we have 28 States and 3 Union territories to support the national cause of the BDR.The latest to join the cause are Chandigarh (Union Territory) and Sikkim (State).
700 hospitals registered and 309 hospitals are contributing data. The registry so far has analysed close to 10,00,000 births.

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