Birth Defects Registry of India - Membership
How to enroll in BDRI?
Any hospital with obstetric practice from both government and private sector, with an interest and commitment to the above mission, can become a member. There is no membership fee. Prospective members may communicate with the Central registry expressing his/her willingness to enroll their respective hospitals and get further guidance. Enrollment is possible for all just by submitting the consent forms available under BDRI in the web page.
The process of submitting data is simple and user friendly.
Step 1: Visit the website REGISTER your hospital.
Step 2: Once registered you will be assigned a Unique ID / Udername (Each hospital registers separate)
Step 3: You will be sent forms and guidelines to fill in the form. The process involves 2 forms viz. Form-A (General data) & Form -B (Data on anomalies)
Step 4: You can choose between online submission of data or as hard copies.
Step 5: If you choose type online, you will be assigned a password using which you can send data via internet.
Step 6: The data will be analysed by our statisticians and epidemiologists. The analysed data will be published in all four Quarters of the year which will be shared with our member hospitals
What does a data contributor gain by enrolling in BDRI?
BDRI conducts quarterly meetings to discuss issues on the management of various birth anomalies in Chennai. This provides a platform for obstetricians, gyanecologists & paediatricians to interact & exchange views on birth defects. The proceedings of the meetings are published in BDR News & distributed to members. The annual statistics of birth defects provide a glimpse of the incidence of congenital anomalies. Awareness & knowledge on birth defects facilitate the medical professionals provide accurate information to families concerned.
Snapshots of BDRI
Inauguration of Regional Birth Defects Registries
Quarterly BDRI meetings - Year 2008 - 09

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